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Milos -Making Intermodal Logistics Optimization Simple

8 May 2016

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Milos (Making Intermodal Logistics Optimization Simple) is the solution by Circle for the optimization of processes with reference to port, logistic chain and intermodal transport fields.

The solution is made by modular applications able to manage the global Door-to-Door freight transport: TERMINAL AUTOMATION - a set of modules and connectors for automating and optimizing terminal operations. Milos modules and connectors allow both inland and port terminal operators automating and digitalizing truck/train gate information flows; MILOS – CUSTOMS MANAGEMENT- three specific modules has been developed for automatically managing the following registers: Temporary Storage Warehouse, Customs Warehouse and VAT Warehouse; MILOS – INTERMODAL CORRIDOR MANAGEMENT -  innovative solutions for managing goods along intermodal corridors. The CORRIDOR MANAGEMENT module and its related connectors allows making interoperable information systems of stakeholder involved in the intermodal logistic process; MILOS – PCS / TOS INTEGRATION – the Port Community System (PCS) connector and the Terminal Operating System (TOS) connector in order to connect third systems (PCS, TOS, Rail Systems, MTO systems & Freight Forwarder etc.) respectively to PCS and TOS.

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