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Circle and the Full Digital Supply Chain in Port Technology

24 October 2016

port techOn the Technical Paper by Port Technology there are 2 pages dedicated to Circle and speficically focused on the Full Digital Supply Chain for the optimization of the logistic chain.  “Technologically wise, the Internet of Things paradigm applied to the transport and logistics sector allows freight to be sensed and controlled remotely, with logistics operators able to automate and digitalise their operations.” … “ By digitalising procedures and using smart devices, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) components (tag, electronic seals, etcetera), companies may exploit supply chain visibility as a considerable competitive advantage because it gives a possibility to plan the strategic steps in an attempt to defy competitors. Moreover, demand is managed better in order to reduce inventory levels, client requests are satisfied more quickly and in a more accurate way, and the demand variation is handled more effectively“…”Circle has developed and tested in several international pilot projects within EU funded programs that allow authorised companies and authorities to access the planning and status information of freight  transportation, matching logistics data with security information, supporting the related changes in business processes and models. The solution has a special focus on the integration of new RFID active and passive technologies (e.g. tags and electronic seals) along the door-to-door logistics chain and it is under implementation in several international pilot projects.”

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