Consulenza Aziendale Circle

Circle took part to the Final Event of the Port of Ravenna Fast Corridor: “ICT for logistics and innovation in the control procedures for goods”

26 February 2016

Port of Ravenna Fast CorridorAt  Ravenna Port Authority Head Office took place the Final Event for the Projects “Fast Corridor” and “Easyconnecting” with the presence of the players involved and  Circle took part together with the specialists of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Customs Agency.  Circle, with the speech by  Simone Siria,  talked about the results obtained “in field” :  the goods from the terminal TCR of Ravenna will reach the inland destination  thanks to the Fast Corridor in a faster way and with digital procedures and the sperimental usage of eSeals RFID contributes to reduce the transit time in the logistic intermodal chain.

The technology used, making available a complete traceability of the goods, makes possible the simplification of the procedures, for customs and operational, and represents a revolution inside the traditional logistic intermodal chain at an international level. The tools used allows to  verify any alteration in any passage of the logistic chain, alerting in real time the Authorities.

At the event there were the President of the Ravenna Port Authorty, Galliano Di Marco, from the MIT Federica Polce (the Fast Corridor is in the Ten-T program, born for the strengthening of the infrastructure of the European Transport), Domenica Di Giulio and Mariamichaela Salati from the Customs Agency.

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