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Digital Fashion Management

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Digital Fashion Management by Circle is a system of communication and loyalty tools that, interacting each other and with the customer inside and outside the store, allow an accurate profiling and also increase and optimize contact opportunities.

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are multichannel because this system is made by different elements
that interacts each other:

Digital signage & Monitor

and Videowall

  • Communication of audio and video contents
  • Scheduling of contents managed by communication and marketing division through a centralized executive dashboard
  • Planning of contents customized according to channel and clientele

Totem Touch Screen

  • Communication contents displayed inside and outside the store
  • Customized communication
  • Playful features and depth informations
  • Special contents/features for loyal customers and interactions with bar code, QR code and fidelity

RFID antennas and RFID readers

  • Positioning at entry or in strategic points (for example near the register)
  • User identification and push mechanism for instore events and promotional activities
  • Profiling to push to a impulse purchase


  • Creation of a reserved area
  • Purchase of coupons, download or e-mail sending
  • Management of the remaining credit related to the purchases done
  • Instore couponing usage with a full digital approach

Smart Fidelity

  • Access to the user profile and credits availability
  • Notifications
  • In app benefits like coupons
  • Interactions with totem touch screen

Interaction with mobile devices for sales force and customers

  • Real time displaying of customer’s identity record and previous purchases
  • Identification of interactions made by other channels
  • Suggestions for sales force related to customer’s “history”
  • Proximity marketing for customers
  • Activation of customized communication for totem and monitors

DFM manager

  • Dashboard for digital signage and monitors management
  • Dashboard for totem management
  • Dashboard for couponing
  • Dashboard for RFID and fidelity card management
  • Dashboard for QR code and proximitymarketing management
  • Dashboard for sales force tools management

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