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EU funding check-up service

Use EU funding to touch your policy or to develop your business.
Try the “EU funding check-up service”.

This service is intended to support:

Public actors to transform their policies into concrete projects (“Touch policy”).
Private companies to foster their business (“develop business”) using innovative approaches combined with TEN-T and other funding opportunities.

Proper use of European funding, indeed, supports public bodies and SME’s in creating new economic activities based on the results of research and development assets, bringing faster to market new products, processes and services, supporting the promotion of technological and business development at an international level catalyzing, inter alia, technological innovation, environmental protection, risk prevention, mobility, sustainable urban development, economy of knowledge and quality of life.

EU funding check-up service

What is the service about:

Buying the Circle EU funding checkup service you will have at your disposal a EU funding expert with more than 15 years’ experience in working with politicians, policy makers, industry, academics and third parties specifically in developing new public and private business using national and European funding and with a specific skill in creating, building and leading major initiatives within complex public and private organizations with a track record of successful cross-functional business development processes and large scale international consortia.

The check-up consists in:

  • a preliminary analysis of the company in relation to the potential EU funding to be raised,
  • 1 day on site visit:
    • 4 hours EU funds training (target decision makers)
    • 2 hours of interactive dialogue to check company objectives and goals
    • 2 hours to define possible concepts to be presented in future calls
  • A comprehensive report indicating:
    • which funds to look at,
    • overall amount of EU funding,
    • return on investment.

Give your company the possibilities to look at EU funding with only 1.500 €*

Coordinated by Alexio Picco

*excluding travel & subsistence costs


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