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EU’s Marco Polo Programme: greener transport modes for European freight traffic

1 June 2014

Marco  Polo Programme aims to ease road congestion and its attendant pollution by promoting a switch to greener transport modes for European freight traffic. Railways, sea-routes and inland waterways have spare capacity. Particularly, given  the foreseen upcoming increase of Liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand as cleaner marine fuel in the maritime industry due to expected restriction on emissions and prices opportunities, there is a clear training and building capacities need and interest from the sector’s stakeholders. The overall objective of the project is to develop a set of professional trainings and vocational education activities in 3 EU countries (Italy, United Kingdom and Greece) (in cities, in ports / on board) complemented by a number of on site visits in LNG implementation sites.

The activities that will be developed are:

•             A set of professional trainings and vocational education activities in  4 EU countries (in cities, in ports / on board)

•             A number of cross fertilization on site dedicated visits related to LNG bunkering best practice

•             A set of clustering activities engaging  large number of stakeholders and liaising with a number of LNG projects

•             A conference on the introduction of LNG as a long terms strategy for supporting the greening of TEN-T and of MoS as its maritime dimension

•             The creation of a formal association of stakeholders for the promotion of MoS in Europe.

•             An enlarged LNG content of the portal, including an application available on mobile phones and tablet

•             A set of activities in professional social media

Circle, particularly, is involved in the last two activities: according to the specific know how about EU co-funding projects and digital multichannel marketing, Circle will plan and develop the evolutions of on the mos way web portal including LNG contents. Circle is also managing all the social media activities in order to increase the knowledge of Marco Polo Programme contents and will create a dedicated application in order to make all the contents available also by mobile devices.

The final result of the project will be an increased LNG knowledge at different levels both in the Baltic and in the remaining part of Europe.

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