Consulenza Aziendale Circle

Funding advisory team

The business growth is a result also of the use of financial tools for implementing the projects. To this end,the European Commission today provides a series of opportunitiesto be known and analyzed in order to be used in the best possible manner. It promotes the support to economic activities based on R&D results within several fields (technological innovation, environment protection, risk prevention, mobility, sustainable urban development, knowledge economy, quality of life for elderly people and disabled people and so on).

Circle, aware of the fact that this issue can be very important, is a partner for the customer and it supports the customer in taking part to calls for proposals with a well-established method: from the examination of opportunities (project anticipation), to the assessment of corporate project drafts (project assessment), till the submission and management of the project lifecycle (project lifecycle). The mission of Circle, through its own expertise and its own international knowledge network, is to convert business ideas and requirements into successful projects.


  • DEFINING THE GOALS – Developing the project idea, creating goals/partners/programs matrices
  • SEARCHING FOR PARTNERS – Coordinating and taking part in Local Technical Boards, forming the partnership
  • SCOUTING – Defining the proper co-funding EU program, monitoring the opportunities (Call for Proposals)
  • DEVELOPING THE PROPOSAL – Draft and budget, feasibility inspections (including the meeting with the Program Management Authority)


  • Assessment of project drafts
  • Supporting the non-dedicated staff of the body or company


  • SUBMISSION – Submitting the project proposal
  • TRANSACTION – Integrating the proposal and negotiating it with the Management Authority after approval
  • CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT – Drafting the model and making the relevant inspections
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – day-to-day project management
  • KICK-OFF MEETING – first meeting of the project with all the partners
  • TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL REPORTING – Progress Report, intermediate and final project reports
  • DISSEMINATION – Internal and external communication by the several available channels
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Guaranteeing the Sustainability of the project, at the end of the project, and of the financial support by the European Union
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